Control’s new Ultimate Edition requires you connect to the internet to play its single-player campaign – but only once, and only for the disc-based version of the game on Xbox.

Eurogamer understands this is because the disc does not actually contain all of the game’s campaign data, the remainder of which is then downloaded. There’s no suggestion the game needs to connect online for any other purpose.

The issue was highlighted over the weekend on Twitter by DoesItPlay, which stated it had seen reports players can progress as far as the game’s opening maintenance elevator without the internet before being instructed to download the update.

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Xbox Live

HyperBrawl Tournament

Milky Tea Studios


The universe’s greatest heroes have been summoned to compete in a showdown for the ages; the legendary HyperBrawl Tournament! Armed with unique weapons and a thirst for glory, take to battle-tested arenas in this 1-4 player arcade-style sports brawler played locally or online.

Only the universe’s elite champions can summon this incredible skill. The HyperCurve lets you seize control of the ball mid-flight to ‘magically’ manoeuvre it around the opposition and obstacles to score legendary goals that could only happen in HyperBrawl.

The fabled HyperForce runs through your very DNA, channel it to launch game changing attacks that can literally see your enemies shot out of the arena with its devastating power.

Already fabled heroes of their own worlds, competitors are drawn across the furthest realms to compete in the HyperBrawl Tournament. Choose from 12 heroes in three classes and load them out with lethal weaponry combos and paint their armour for victory.

Travel the vast expanse of time and space to HyperBrawl arenas from the home planets of the heroes themselves. Take in Chrome City’s elevated stadium with its Cyberpunk stylings, the ancient stadium of Steelhenge or the demonic Court of Azdritch. Each arena is laden with perilous obstacles and traps that layer more challenge and unpredictability into every game.

Take on the Campaign Mode and begin your ascent to becoming a legend in the Galaxy League where you will face off every hero in the Tournament. Then go for more accolades in the Cosmic Cup. Or plunge into the multiplayer madness that is Blitz mode – competing with players from around the world to become the ultimate HyperBrawl Champion and forge your legend across the stars!

Product Info:
Developer: Milky Tea Studios
Publisher: Milky Tea Studios

Coffin Dodgers Is Now Available For Xbox One

Preparing for the new content.

Scheduled maintenance for the Pokémon HOME app has been detailed ahead of this week’s The Crown Tundra DLC launch in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The maintenance will affect both the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of the app, and is set to take place from Friday 22nd October at 23:00 UTC until Saturday 23rd October at 04:00 UTC. A message within the app notes that “during this maintenance, all functions of Pokémon HOME will be unavailable.”

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Release date locked in.

Developer Auroch Digital and publisher The Irregular Corporation have revealed that Mars Horizon will be blasting off on Nintendo Switch on 17th November.

Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game which has you leading a major space agency, guiding humanity to Mars. You’ll need to construct a base, design and build rockets, conduct missions throughout the Solar System, and write your own history of space exploration.

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“A captivating coming-of-age story”.

Where Cards Fall, an indie adventure described as a “slice of life story”, is heading to Nintendo Switch early next year, it’s been confirmed.

From developer The Game Band and publisher Snowman, Where Cards Fall originally launched on Apple’s App store earlier this year, but is being treated to a Switch and PC release in 2021. It has players building houses made of cards to bring memories to life, create pathways, and complete puzzles.

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