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Over the past few weeks, consumers have seen something special appear on store shelves. Monster Energy and Halo Infinite have partnered together to bring a unique experience to cans emblazoned with the Master Chief, delivering exclusive in-game items as well as a unique Snapchat experience.

Partnerships like this don’t happen overnight, and this one has been in the works for a long time. While Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021, we are excited to share that our partnership with Monster Energy will bring together our iconic global brands across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite in 2021, and even offers a sneak peek at some exclusive new Halo Infinite multiplayer items.

Double XP Boosts are for use in multiplayer to double the amount of experience points earned during the time the boost is active, and you get one boost per can. Yes, that means if you purchase a case of 24 cans, you will get a code that will unlock 24 Double XP Boosts from the receipt. Players can earn up to 60 hours of Double XP Boosts with their Monster Energy purchases.

In the U.S. between September 1 and December 31, 2020, fans who purchase limited-edition Monster Energy Halo Infinitecans at select retail stores nationwide can bank 30-minute Double XP Boosts, enter a sweepstakes to win a variety of prizes, and unlock access to the Halo Infinite world through a Snapchat filter encoded on each can.

To unlock the promotional content, save your receipts and go to during the program period and follow the instructions to submit your entry into the program. Each receipt uploaded will also be entered to win ultimate grand prizes – ten lucky entrants will win a trip of a lifetime for two to experience an out of this world Zero-Gravity Flight experience in Paris, France with all-inclusive flights and hotel stay plus $1,000 cash. Two hundred winners will also receive the brand-new Xbox Series X console, launching November 2020.

Once you submit your receipt on the promotional site, you will receive points to redeem a special Halo Waypoint code that you can enter at beginning September 1. Sign into your Microsoft account and redeem your Halo Waypoint code, and the items will be added to your inventory and available for you in-game when Halo Infinite releases in 2021.

Each can will feature a Snapcode that will lead consumers to a custom Halo alternate reality (AR) experience. Each month of the program will bring a new filter – the first AR experience in September lets consumers become the Master Chief using the Snapchat selfie lens, plus an additional lens that allows fans to explore the iconic Warthog vehicle from the Halo series. This filter will be available to those who snap the code on the can and will also be available on the Snapchat carousel of filters.

Fans who complete all three monthly challenges will be rewarded an exclusive Halo Infinite cosmetic item. The Snapcode isn’t the only way you can unlock these items, however – select U.S. retailers including  Walmart, Meijer and some grocery stores will offer additional opportunities to obtain these exclusive in-game Halo Infinite items. For more details, visit a participating retailer near you.

Here’s a first-look at the Halo Infinite in-game content below that you can bank now and play later:  

  • Adrenal BR75 Weapon Coating: An extraordinarily versatile weapon, with a wide variety of engagement ranges.
  • Adrenal MA40 Weapon Coating: Lethally efficient at close-quarters combat, this weapon commands respect with a bold design.
  • Adrenal VK78 Commando Weapon Coating: Ergonomic, reliable, and fully automatic, this weapon reveals a carbon black chassis with metallic green highlights.
  • Adrenal MK50 Sidekick Weapon Coating: Powerful, yet compact, this weapon skin wraps the powerful sidearm in carbon black and metallic greens.
  • Phalanx Player & Weapon Emblems: Representing an ancient Spartan battle formation, this emblem and coating consists of a dense grouping of warriors armed with long spears and interlocking shields.
  • Xiphos Player & Weapon Emblems: Featuring a deadly short sword used by the ancient Spartans, this emblem and coating symbolizes the Spartan as a living weapon, deadly even when spears and shield are broken.  

Halo Infinite and Monster Energy promotions will also take place in Canada, EMEA and Mexico. These programs are very similar to the U.S., but here are more specific details per market:

  • Canada: From September 1 through December 31, 2020, enter to win Double XP Boosts and Xbox prizes with the purchase of the limited-edition Monster Energy Halo Infinite cans at retailers across Canada. Get an exclusive in-game Halo Infinite item at these participating retailers: 7-Eleven, London Drugs, Walmart, and Couche Tarde.
  • EMEA: Kicking off in over 30  countries on October 1 through December 31, 2020, this promotion will feature the Master Chief on the original Monster Energy can, and  on the Monster Energy Ultra can, offering consumers a sugar-free option – both with black tabs. Learn more at
  • Mexico: Beginning September 10th, when customers purchase any Monster Energy product at OXXO and register their purchase ticket on they will be entered to win thousands of Xbox prizes, including Xbox Series X consoles, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Halo Infinite items. The promotion ends October 20th.

This isn’t the only program you’ll see coming up during the holidays. The Halo Infinite experience is just getting started! We will share more details and how you can participate soon – head over to and follow @Halo on your social media platform of choice for the latest news and updates on all things Halo!

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