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When is competent good enough?

Dead by Daylight has made the move over to the Nintendo Switch. Behaviour Interactive did the port themselves in-house, but not every developer possess the arcane wizardry of a Panic Button. Behaviour has been criticized… READ OVERVIEW

It’s about damn time.

In the PlayStation State of Play, a new Last of Us Part II trailer was revealed.  It had a lot to show, but we finally have a release date.

The Last of Us Part II will debut February 21, 2020.

The trailer showed off more of the story, in which Elli loses her lover to a group of what appear to be bandits. It’s implied they belong to a larger organization, as Elli leaves safety to exact her revenge. We were given glimpses into combat, new clicker variants (giants completely covered in fungus), and the return of Joel, looking gray-haired and world weary. The game looks stunning, and it’s apparent Naughty Dog have been pouring their heart and soul into this sequel. If Part II is anything like the first game (and this trailer is anything to go by), Part II will be a dark game where the humans are worse than the monsters they are trying to survive. Expect gruesome combat, difficult choices for our main cast to work through, and a whole lot of depressing events. All of which playable on February 21, 2020.

You know, exactly what fans would want out of The Last of Us Part II. We’ll share more info as it comes, but for now we at least know when the damn thing is dropping.

It’s hard to copy what makes Dark Souls so special.

Anime Dark Souls is the term that’s been thrown around when describing Code Vein leading up to its release.  It’s a game from the creators of God Eater which takes the art style of that franchise and places players into a post-apocalyptic world to navigate with a rule set that’s largely been aped from the Dark Souls series. READ OVERVIEW

The classic trilogy returns.

Dragon Quest was once nothing but a niche series outside of Japan, but the growth of the franchise in the West in recent years has been a very welcome surprise. While the Nintendo Switch is now getting the definitive version of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Square Enix has also decided to dive into the past as well with ports of the original trilogy in the series. The three games previously released on mobile and then the PS4 and 3DS in Japan and now have made their way to the Nintendo Switch. READ OVERVIEW

Mech combat with style and substance, but only for some.

One of the best aspects of the Switch’s massive success is how willing Nintendo has been to invest in smaller, less represented genres. The ability to take games on the go and general enthusiasm has led to well-supported releases across the gaming spectrum. This seems to be the case with Daemon X Machina, a mech-action game that otherwise might have gone unnoticed by the gaming populace at large. READ OVERVIEW